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2012 Impact World tour Testimonies

February/March 2012: More than 50,000 People Heard the Gospel and 5,000+ Surrender their lives to Jesus

Basketball healingPAIN GONE....
This young man (pictured below) fractured both bones of his forearm playing basketball.  It didn’t heal properly and is always painful, especially when it rains.  He came with pain but when he was prayed for the pain totally went away.

Panabo – Team Xtreme: A lady with a congenital heart defect, who had not been able to walk up stairs was going up and down the stairs at the gym with delight on her face after being prayed for by the team members…

This man has been completely deaf in his right ear for 20 years - but on Saturday night in Tagum when he was prayed for at the Team Xtreme event, God restored his hearing completely.  We watched as he repeated words that were said to him from 2 meters away with his other ear blocked.  You could see the joy on his face!

During the Island Breeze event in Carmen - one of the dancers prayed for a 19 year old girl who was deaf & mute. As they prayed for the girl Tiffany watched her face - all of a sudden there was a huge smile and she was trying to communicate. Tiffany realised she could hear.  Over the next few minutes she was in awe of God as she taught the girl to say her name and a few simple words.  This 19 year old who had never heard before in her life... was transported into a whole new world... set free from a life of silence and difficult communication!  PRAISE GOD!

This man in one of the prisons Team Xtreme went into had pain in his knee and trouble walking... after prayer he had no pain anymore!

I prayed for a guy whose back has been in pain & after I finished praying he put his hands on his back & with a huge smile he said ‘’I’m healed!’’

I was praying for one lady who had pain in her feet, suddenly she said she felt heat & the pain was gone. Then her daughter came and I prayed & encouraged both of them. I could see tears in their eyes, what an awesome feeling. Glory to God!

I prayed for a girl, who had pain all over her body. When I started, she began to cry as she was touched by the Holy Spirit.

IMG7832Two girls were muslims and gave their life to Jesus after long talk.
When the power went out at one event, we started sharing with six teenagers about Jesus and singing some gospel songs and people start joining us. Then they asked us to pray for them. Of the 50 people that we shared Jesus with that night, 15 gave their lives to the Lord.
Ale & Jonathan  (Team Xtreme)

A muslim girl approached me, she had so many question about why we are here and about God.  She was very hungry for truth.

We asked this kid if he wanted prayer.  He said yes – he had pain in his back. We asked him if he believed Jesus can heal him and I said; you need to believe. And he said Yes I believe, God heals. We prayed for him and after he started testing it, and moving his back and began saying God healed me!

IMG3863A 15 year old girl came up and asked me to pray for her, she said ‘’I want to change my life. I don’t want to be bad/naughty anymore, I want to be a good girl’’. I explained that she needs to stop making bad choices & to make the right ones, and that she could only do that with Jesus help. After confessing her sins, asking Jesus for forgiveness, I was able to pray for her & she gave her life to Jesus.

We prayed for kid who was stabbed in the leg. It was paralyzed- He walked away healed
A man came for prayer who had a  hurt shoulder & back pain for years from a car accident. After we prayed for him - all pain was gone

I prayed for 2 muslim girls; sisters. In the beginning, they were asking us to pray for their parent’s safety. But I felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray for their lives as well. At the end they told me that they were muslim. So I shared the gospel with them and was able to lead them to Christ. They both gave their lives to Jesus.

Aaron James Alce, 7/4/2012

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