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God Continues to move in mindanao


Since the completion of the tour early in March we have seen even more exciting things happening in each of the cities and towns - as the local links and churches follow up with those that responded at the altar calls. One local link in Mati wondered how he could follow up the 13 year old boy he had talked to at the altar call. But when he visited the house, the boy introduced him to his family and they invited another 2 families and then another 3 families. He ended up discipling 6 families - from following up with one 13 year old.  God works in amazing ways!

We have had several YWAM DTS outreach teams also working with the churches as they follow up the new believers.  God has continued to do many miracles and the harvest is increasing as the students lead people to the Lord everywhere including on the bus!

Pastor Jun Tado (Anchor Bay Evangelistic Church) shared with us what happened when a DTS team from Kansas City had a  time of ministry at his church. Many were healed. People were crying. A deaf child was able to hear again - he told his parents that they don’t need to sign for him anymore, as he can hear and now he is learning to speak...Pastor Tado and his wife talked to some kids (3-4 year olds), asking them why they were crying? Their answer was because we saw Jesus.

A Story from the DTS Team about Freedom and ldentity


One morning in Panabo 2 other students and I went to a home visit with a church member. We led a Bible study for them.  The church member’s wife and daughter were both Christians, but his son was not. There was also a friend staying with the family - and he was obviously gay.


After our Bible study was over with, the daughter asked, "Is it a sin to be a gay?" The room got silent, she repeated the question. So, I responded. I said that yes it is, but it’s not about the sin in your life, it’s about Jesus and His love for you. I told the friend how much God loved him, and that it isn't about the choices you've made, its about God's unconditional love for you. I found out he wasn't living with this family, because they had kicked him out because they couldn't accept him or his lifestyle of being a cross-dresser. It was heart-breaking. I prayed for him and encouraged him. I told him God designed him to be a strong man of God. 


He gave his life to Jesus that morning!!!   He said he was worried, that it would be too hard to change his lifestyle, and I told him God will help him with that, and all he has to do is pursue Jesus and He will guide him through all that, My dear friend from the church is going to follow up with him, helping him find healing in the Lord.

Jesus Film in a remote Tribal Village



One of our IWT staff comes from a remote tribal area of Mindanao - so he took a team there to minister to his village for a week. There is a small church there that he has been ministering in over the past years. During the week almost 100 people responded to the gospel challenge after watching the Jesus Film in Tagalog.  Then 22 of them were baptised in the river the next morning.


The team spent hours praying for people and talking with them, answering questions and leading them to encounter Jesus. They were heartbroken to find there were few bibles in this area - so they have now raised money to buy bibles for the new believers.  Discipleship small groups have been started - but there is such a need for mature Christian discipleship. The local Christians were so encouraged they have begun going to other villages in the area to share the gospel.


A group of college students also came to the resort where we were staying and we were able to share the gospel with them. All 11of them gave their lives to Jesus! For me this was one of the highlights of the trip.  Seeing young people give their lives to God, praying for them and prophesying over them. I felt so privileged to help them get to know God.


Aaron James Alce, 7/5/2012

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