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They are hungry for the truthImpact World Tour presents the Gospel in 21st century relevant ways using elements of the culture itself to deliver the message of Jesus.

Language, gender, age and values are all elements of culture. To really reach people, we must minister cross-culturally. If our appearance or methods cause people to miss the message of the Gospel, the burden is on us to change!
“If you preach the Gospel and do not
relate it to the issues of the day, you’re not preaching the Gospel at all.”
– Martin Luther
Perhaps the greatest challenge for us believers is to do what Jesus did, leave “our worlds” to reach another. The methods Jesus used were relevant to the culture of the time, but very different than the culture of the “church” in its day. Most of today’s younger generation are not open to the methods that reached their parents.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has never lost its power and relevance. Our greatest challenge now, as a Church, is to present this message in a relevant way...

The results are startling. Our history has proven that around the world large numbers of people are responding to Christ. We’ve seen approximately 10% of those in attendance in developed nations make public commitments. In less-developed nations, the response is many times even greater.

On five continents, in over 2000 communities, people young and old have been coming to Jesus!

Frank Kremer, 3/30/2007

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