Impact World Tour USA

Impact World Tour, a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), provides an effective and relevant means for the local church to express Christ's message. Using international performing arts, sporting and musical groups in campaign style evangelism.

Mark Anderson, International Director of the Impact World Tour has lead  outreaches, both large and small, in over 35 States of the USA since 1993; when IWT was formed. With successful campaigns in New Zealand, Brazil, India and many other parts of the world, the Lord spoke to Mark, in 2004 about significantly re-engaging in America.

Our recent campaigns focused on the State of Ohio, with campaigns in 2006 throughout the Northwest of Ohio. The gospel was proclaimed to over 41,000 people with a response of 5,900 coming to Christ! 87% of these were under the age of 18.

The Lord is called us pursue Ohio by sharing the message of Christ in all 88 counties of the Buckeye State and we began to work towards this goal. Moving into phase two of the vision to go across Ohio, major outreaches continued for the Dayton / Miami Valley Region in the fall of 2008. We moved into South Eastern Ohio, spanning 5 cities in the Fall of 2009. Later, we completed the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Regional Tour for a 7 week tour between Spring and Fall 2010. The Gospel was proclaimed to 23,628 people with a response of 4,134 coming to Christ!

We were able to do local outreaches around the southern Kansas City, MO. In this smaller outreach, over 1,800 people heard the Gospel and 1,160 people responded to Christ.

We would love for you to be involved!  If you want to get connected with this ministry and/or help bring IWT to your city, please contact our office at

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States we have worked in since 1994:

Wisconsin, Idaho, South Dakota, Minnesota, Washington, Montana, Colorado, California, Oregon, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, New England, North Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Hawaii, Oklahoma and Texas

Statistics from the Last 10 Years:

State Year Attendance Response
New Mexico 1999 29,093 3,085
Arizona 1999 15,477 1,404
Colorado 1999 7,440 592
Kansas 2000 25,789 3,018
New Mexio 2001 50,203 5,723
Florida 2002 24,487 2,046
Florida 2003 14,696 1,166
Illinois 2003 8,240 934
Kansas 2003 4,089 513
Illinois 2004 10,100 792
Iowa 2004 6,900 350
Illinois 2005 12,500 1,957
Texas 2005 25,300 2,941