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Impact World Tour Philippines

The Philippines: a nation with 92.34 million people. 
Around 60% under the age of 20 – that’s 55 million teenagers & kids.
A people known as the number one texting nation in the world with 350-400 million texts sent daily!
A nation of young people, a nation in need, a nation ready for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
9 out of 10 Christians say they gave their lives to Jesus before the age of 18 –
it’s time to reach this nation of young people with a relevant gospel.

Impact World Tour has been in the Philippines just over 4 years now
with thousands responding to the relevant message of the gospel.
Strong men, break dancers, skaters, cultural dancers, hip-hop dancers, flashing lights, packed arenas;
that is what you see at an Impact World Tour outreach – but at the heart, at the core,
is the message of Jesus Christ clearly proclaimed to thousands of people young and old.

We saturate communities going to schools, arenas, gyms, prisons and seeing God turn that city around.
During our tour in central Philippines, Cebu Province, a pastor put it like this:
“You brought our city together, sure we see an impact now with people in our churches,
but this was much more, God has used you to leave a lasting change and legacy in our city, some seen some unseen”
God is continuing to move in this amazing nation! You can be a part of this!
Whether by giving, praying or joining the training courses we are running – you can see this amazing harvest with your own eyes.

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Simeon Garrett, 4/24/2013

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